What I Do


I can help out with creating ideas for a project/client, or help with an already existing idea to make the storytelling even more compelling. A strong idea and story are key elements, to make a project work regardless of platform and to reach out to right target audience.


I use storyboarding as a tool for better planning of a project, to make sure that the storytelling and execution is working as it should. It is also a great way to save time and discover flaws before entering into full production.


Animation is a great tool to make things come alive, and something that can deliver both pleasure and information to a big mass, regardless of platform. I do everything from motion graphics to character animation.


About Me


My name is Andre Hay. I currently work as a vfx/animation supervisor at Schjærven Film in Oslo, Norway. I have been working with TV and film for 18 years and CG/3D for the last 11 years. Most of my 3D work has been as a freelance artist for different companies here in Oslo, but I have also done some work in Sweden, where I am originally from. I have a BFA (Bachelor of fine arts) in animation and visual effects, from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. My passion is for ideas, storytelling and animation and to be able to make well executed beautiful, quality work. Animation is about creating the illusion of life and can explain, whatever the mind of a man can grasp.This makes animation versatile and a great tool for communication, regardless of platform and audience. I offer services such as idea development, storyboarding, animation, motion graphics, visual effects and 3D for film, TV and web. I work with everything from the birth of an idea to technical execution.

Personal Info

Andre Hay

Owner, vfx supervisor, animator, 3d artist

Please contact me for any job offers or If you here to check out my work, I hope you enjoy it.


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